Ariana Grande taking social media break to avoid relationship critics

Ariana Grande is following her fiance Pete Davidson in taking a break from Instagram and Twitter to avoid negative comments.

The Saturday Night Live star recently wiped his own Instagram account, prompting speculation the couple had ended their engagement – weeks after it emerged he had cracked a joke about the terrorist attack on her concert in Manchester, England, during a stand-up routine last year (17).

Pete denied he and Ariana, 25, had split, explaining that he was quitting social media – and she has now followed him by turning off comments on her Twitter page and telling a fan she would only be posting on Snapchat.

“yeh ! i’m prolly (probably) gonna post on der (Snapchat) for a little while & take a breather from twitter & ig for a little,” she wrote. “just sometimes can’t help but bump into some negative s**t that really can bum u out and it’s not worth it honestly.”

Ariana also told another fan that she planned to be less aggressive in promoting her music on social media, as doing so had harmed her mental health.

“it (sic) destroyed my mental health and was horrible for me,” she added. “i (sic) don’t remember anything ab those years of my life and am doing so much better now. career wise and health wise. stop coming for me and my team when i’ve (sic) never been better literally in any department. LITERALLY.”

Pete’s ill-advised joke outraged fans, including the mother of one of the 22 concertgoers who died in the Manchester Arena bombing, who scolded the comic for his insensitivity.

However, Ariana defended her man on Twitter, writing: “This has been tough & conflicting on my heart. He (Davidson) uses comedy to help people feel better ab (about) how f**ked up things in this world are. We all deal with trauma differently. I of course didn’t find it funny. It was months ago & his intention wasn’t/is never malicious but it was unfortunate.”

The 24-year-old comedian is yet to comment on the controversy.

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