Lenny Kravitz defends sexy Madonna


Lenny Kravitz wants people to quit bringing up Madonna’s age.

The American Woman hitmaker leapt to the Material Girls’ defence in a chat with British newspaper Metro, and slammed those who make negative comments about the 60-year-old star being overtly sexual.

“A woman her age wants to get it too. There’s nothing wrong with that,” he stated to the publication.

“I don’t think it’s fair to put anybody down for their age. There’s so many cultures in the world where the elders are respected. What are you supposed to do? Stop?”

Sex author Madonna celebrated her milestone birthday in August with a five-day bash in Morocco.

And 54-year-old rocker Lenny is still doing his thing when it comes to music, recently playing to a packed out crowd at London gig BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park.

Speaking backstage, he revealed that he and his late friend Aretha Franklin were planning on making music together before she passed away in August (18). The Queen of Soul was 76.

“We talked about it and we were both into it but you never think about people dying,” he shared. “None of us know when we’re going. But that is something I would have really been into.

“I got to know her because we worked together several years ago, we sang together and we exchanged numbers and we talked and became friendly and I used to see her here and there. She was very sweet with me and we got on really well. I was just blessed to not only grow up on her music but to get to know her as a person and to be able to speak with her and sing with her and for her to even know who I was and call me up.”

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