About Us

Echoingwalls ™ Music

Enriching Lives Through Music – It is our motto, our mission, and everything we do is built around it.

Echoingwalls ™ Music is an entertainment company based out of North Carolina, and run by a musician and composer. We serve both the public and music-related content creators providing industry news, music, video, events, features, interest stories, and much more.

We partner with musicians and music-based companies to provide a unique entertainment experience, flavored with talent that is mostly outside of the mainstream, while at the same time, we provide tools and resources to help musicians create results.

We love what we do and we hope you will enjoy being a member of our community.

Main Website: https://echoingwalls.com

Music Sense

The Music Sense Project, (Music Sense) is a direct sales music publishing and marketing platform that began as our “thumb to the eye” of the music industry many years ago.

For those who are unaware, Echoingwalls ™ Music was founded the day a musician quit and gave up on their music and walked away. As a musician himself, the company founder put all of his expertise as a programmer and marketer into creating a suite of tools designed to give struggling artists the tool they needed to create results and make money.

That suite of tools is Music Sense – and in an industry where even third party services are resellers for the mainstream music industry, Music Sense is one of the very few independent services that allow musicians to be 100% in control of their music and career.

Listen on Music Sense >>

Website: https://music.echoingwalls.com


Relaunching soon… Follow the link below to listen to our MP3 stream.

Website: https://radio.echoingwalls.com