Staff & Partners

Dexter Nelson
Dexter Nelson
Founder & Owner of Echoingwalls ™ Music
Musician, classical composer, and published author, with a secondary background in civil and network engineering, and programming.In 1999, founded Echoingwalls ™ Music to provide tools and resources to help independent musicians create results, leading to the creation of the Music Sense Project; a direct sales and marketing platform.

Eva Louis
Eva Louis
Owner of Chronic Behavior LLC
Eva Louis is a producer, writer and actor known for her work in the local film community with several short films, feature films as well as projects that are planned for release in 2018.

She has specialized in social media, marketing and promotions of artists and individuals in film, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment.

Eva works with several film festival systems as well as entertainment platforms with evolving connections in the industry nationwide.

In addition to her work in film and marketing, Eva works with Phoenix Fashion Week and is also on the board of directors for Arizona Apparel Foundation (non-profit).