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Free music promotion for musicians who need results, not just exposure.

Hi, my name is Dexter Nelson, founder of Echoingwalls ™ Music, and creator of the Music Sense Project, which helps independent musicians sell more music.

In this article — I’m going to give free access to a powerful new tool that I created that makes getting real results from music promotion as simple as filling out a form and clicking a button.

But, before you scroll down and click on the free music promotion link below, I wanted to share something powerful that will to help you get more results from ALL of your marketing.

In fact, it will probably change the way you promote entirely for the rest of your music career.

Think of it as a marketing mindset and strategy that professionals use to get massive results when they market – because it is!

Don’t forget!

At the end of this article I’m going to give you free access to a music promotion tool that will get you real results. Plus, you’re also going to get access to bonus training to accompany what you’re about to learn, so stick around.

I promise it will be worth your time.

In the meanwhile, I know there are distractions all around us, but what you’re about to learn can transform your music career. I don’t want you to miss a single crucial step.

So, please… make a commitment to stay focused.

Can you do that for yourself? For just a couple of minutes, close out of Facebook. Stop checking your email. Put your phone on silence. Give me your complete attention.

You’re probably wondering why I’m qualified to teach you on this topic, and why I would even freely teach you all of this, when I could easily charge for it like everyone else.

Here’s my story:

I’ve been a musician since the age of 15, and I’ve been in the music industry since 2001, so I personally know the struggles and the challenges we face daily.

I know what it’s like to be a struggling musician, and I know what it’s like to find no way out, quit on your music, and settle for making a living doing a regular job because making money as a musician was almost impossible.

That’s what happened to a good friend of mine. I was there the day he quit his music, and in spite of my successes I knew that if I didn’t really get serious, that would be me in a few years.

And when I became serious about being a full time musician and working from home; giving up the “side job”, there was a lot that I had to learn.

Not just about the music industry, but business itself, including sales and marketing.

And the reason I’m sharing this is because I know what it’s like to be a struggling musician, and I know what it’s like to turn that struggle into success – and it did not come easily.

As I was designing this music promotion tool, I couldn’t help but think about all that I’d been through to get where I am today, and I realized something.

I realized that I couldn’t just create a tool.

I also had to share with you what I learned, so that you, (and others), could go on to have great results too; maybe even get to a point where you can experience being a full time musician working from home, if that is your desire.

My ultimate goal is to create an environment where an independent musician can create a successful career outside of the mainstream music industry.

And the truth is, as much as I would like to think that this tool, as amazing as it is, would be the “be all end all” of music promotion, the truth is that it takes more than a tool to create success.

It takes knowledge too, and that means sharing everything I know and have learned so you can apply it to your career and get meaningful results.

So, I’ll start by asking you a simple question…

Do you know the difference between getting exposure and marketing?

It sounds like a trick question, right? I mean, aren’t they the same thing?

That’s usually the response I get, but I assure you that it’s not a trick question, and I promise you that they are not the same thing.

In fact, knowing the difference between the two of them is the reason why musicians struggle, sometimes for years, without getting much results, and why others will go on to have massive success.

Tell me the truth.

Have you ever wondered why it is that one musician can copy the exact same strategies another musician uses and get no results at all, while the other musician blows up?

Logic tells you that if you copy what works, you will get good results too, but it doesn’t always work that way, does it?

We’ve all heard the expression, “success leaves clues,” but here’s the thing. Those clues? They are almost never just strategy!

Strategy is the “what” – the thing that people copy, but the mindset is the “why” – what makes the strategy work.

Let me explain… And I promise you that if you get this, it will change the way you operate from here on out.

Imagine for a moment that you own a store, and you just opened up a brand new location.

You want to get the word out about your business to the neighborhood and to the city, so you decide to start promoting.

You have flyers made up, business cards printed, and you even have ads made that will be delivered to every home in the area through the mail.

You also start going to network meetings, (meet and greets), maybe join the local chamber of commerce, and you start doing radio interviews.

You have your business listed on multiple sites now too and posting every day to social media.

The problem is no one is really buying anything.

You’re doing everything you can to spread the word, and people are aware that you’re there, but you are hardly getting any business.

That is exposure.

And at this point, most people think at this point, they have a strategy problem, but it’s not! They are in fact, missing a key component that makes the whole thing work – the WHY.

By the way, this is what most musicians are doing right now – they’re trying to get exposure, because the music industry has sold musicians that that is what they need to be successful.

Think of how many people and businesses ask musicians to perform for free so they can get exposure. It’s crazy, right?

So, if you don’t need exposure, what do you need?

We will get back to that, but right now let’s get back to you being a store owner and flip the scenario.

Please pay very close attention to this.

You’re a store owner with a brand new location, and you want to get the word out about your business to the neighborhood and to the city, but you don’t start promoting yet.

Instead, you do something that nearly every successful business, (online and offline), does BEFORE they begin promoting.

First, as the owner, you know how important it is that you understand your customers and their needs, so you take some time to do some research the neighborhood and surrounding communities.

You learn about people’s likes and dislikes. You learn about their hobbies, their wants and needs. You even learn about their activities and where people like to hang out.

More importantly, you find out what problems people have, and what they have need of.

Second, you go through your own store to find products that can help or alleviate the problems people in your area have.

Third, you create an offer that is targeted toward the very people your products can help, and finally, you create a message that connects with your intended audience.

Then you begin promoting.

You perform the exact same strategies that you did before, but this time the results are different. People really responding.

And instead of window shoppers who just browse, and may or may not buy something, people come to your store with a purpose – to take you up on your offer and spend money with you.

That is marketing! So…

Have you figured out the difference between getting exposure and marketing yet?

I’m sure you have but let me spell it out anyway.

Getting exposure is exposing yourself to the world; it is letting everyone know you’re there and making everyone aware of who you are and what you do, hoping people take interest and engage with you.

Marketing is identifying who you want to do business with and delivering them a targeted message that they will respond to, so that you can offer them value, and can get what you want in exchange for that value.

Getting exposure and marketing often entails doing the exact same work so it’s easy to mix up the two, but at the end of the day, they have very different processes, goals and outcomes.

Think of it like this.

Getting exposure is kind of like standing on a street corner with a bull horn yelling at everyone that can hear you, “Come check out my music,” or “We just released a hot now album! Come get your copy now!

And marketing is kind of like getting to know someone and tailoring your approach, so they find you irresistible!

That is the difference between getting exposure and marketing, and unfortunately, a lot of musicians don’t understand WHY strategies work.

  • That is why musicians struggle.
  • That is why grinding takes years.
  • That is why some musicians will never get off the ground regardless of what strategies they use, or in spite of how much talent they have.

So congratulations! You now know one of the best kept secrets in the music industry when it comes to music promotion — especially free music promotion.

What this means for you is that now you have to learn how to be a marketer, and not someone that gets exposure.

You now have to learn things like:

  • How to identify the right markets for your music.
  • How to create an offer.
  • How to create an effective marketing message.
  • What marketing strategies you should use for your music business.
  •  And more!

But more than that, you also need effective tools to help execute what you’re learning – you need the strategy AND the why.

This is exactly why I created this music promotion tool, and right now I am giving you FREE access to the tool, as well as access to ongoing mindset and strategy training (included).

The Music Promoter Tool

When you click on the link below there is a free video that will go into more details, however I wanted to give you a quick introduction.

In my career as a musician and industry executive, the one thing that independent musicians need is results from marketing, however there are three big challenges to overcome.

  • They require a lot of time.
  • They get very expensive to maintain.
  • They simply don’t work, (at least well enough to be of value).

The more expensive solutions will get you results, but many of them only pay you a fraction of the sale so you have to get A LOT of results in order to make good money.

Others may start affordably, but the more music you have, the more expensive they become.

This leaves a lot of musicians to fall back on cheap and free music promotion solutions that at best are hit or miss with results, and often very time consuming.

And, while automated tools tend to minimize the time, they have a bad side effect of sometimes getting you blocked or banned for spamming, or they get shut down themselves.

Of course, now you know the reason why so many solutions don’t get you the results you want – they’re exposure-based.

Some, you just target a group based on an interest, push a button, and blast away, while you hope that people respond;

… and hope that they are interested in being customers, and that they aren’t another musician showing support.

When I say that some musicians actually don’t like it and will complain, but let’s be honest here

The only reason you’re looking for music promotion at all is because you want results!

  • You want real fans that follow you share your stuff.
  • You want people to show up at your events and have a good time.
  • You want customers who will buy your music and merchandise.

Having support of peers is great, but if you’re a struggling musician working a full time job and calling it your “side job” because you aren’t making enough money to quit and do what you love full time…

What’s the point?

A few days ago, a musician friend asked a question on his Facebook status asking other musicians what they pray for.

In the comments, there were a lot of great answers like inspiration, support and understanding, to use their talents for a good cause, clarity, tranquility…

You know what my response was?

All great answers, but they are what artists publicly pray for. What they secretly pray for is please God let me blow up so I can start making some good money. I’m so sick of this bum azz job!

I know, because that is what I prayed for!

As musicians, money isn’t the most important thing to us. We would gladly play for free if it meant helping someone or giving them joy. That’s just how most of us are wired.

But, at the same time, we need money to live, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to make good money as a musician, nor is there with using our skills to get paid.

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be a choice between being a musician or getting paid. You know you can do both, right?

In order to do that though, it takes education and having the right tools at your disposal.

So, I created what I simply call The Music Promoter.

In a nutshell, we market for you and provide training, so you can get results you want, while you’re learning.

Basically, you fill out a form and tell us what you want to promote, and we do the work of getting you results, freeing up your time so you can learn.

Or, if you just want to use it to get more results and focus on other things, you can. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

Here is the cool part – the entire first level is entirely free and will allow you to promote the two things that get you paid most – events and music.

And, as you become more involved, you’ll have the opportunity to get access to more and more tools including video, press releases, gig resources, and more.

You’ll also get access to more training as well – and even get paid for helping other musicians!

Here’s what you do next…

Follow the link below and watch the free video. Then, sign up for free and give our tool a try.

Sign up now for Free Music Promotion.

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