Ike Ellis – The Corners Freestyle

Ike Ellis - The Corners Freestyle

Ike Ellis originally found his way out of the fog into the clear with his hit single Loving You. After an incident of discrimination by some security guards before the NC Azalea Festival “Ludacris” concert, where his team members was denied hand made passes, the artist quickly created a freestyle over Common Sense sensational single song entitled “The Corners”.

The freestyle gained an enormous amount of attention attracting a cartoonist by the name of Marvis to create a cartoon around the music. The rest is history after the imagery set the internet on fire.

The Corners Freestyle

About Ike Ellis

As the founder of 100 Grand Entertainment and artist of the label, Ike Ellis has continued to diligently crafted his penmanship, which earned him the respect as a well known legendary lyricist. He is a true living testament that success is obtained by hard work and dedication to your craft.

Visit his website for more great music and be sure to check out his past work.
Website: http://www.ikeelliswill.com

Loving You

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