Top 4 Golden Buzzer Auditions 2018 #BGT

Top 4 Golden Buzzer Auditions 2018 #BGT

Normally we stay away from talent shows, but we ran across this video that just made us feel good. We are suckers for music. Titled, “Top 4 Golden Buzzer Auditions 2018 on Britain’s Got Talent”, we enjoyed this. What do you think?

TOP 4 Golden Buzzer on Britain´s Got Talent 2018!

(In order of appearance)

1. Jack and Tim
2. Donchez Dacres
3. Marc Spelmann
4. Lifford Shillingford

UPDATE (7/20/2018): The original video was removed when the user deleted their account (or it was removed), so the video below now features 5 golden buzzers, including Jack and Tim, which this article featured.

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