Donald Gould – The Homeless Piano Player Who Got A Record Deal

Donald Gould - The Homeless Piano Player Who Got A Record Deal

NOTE: EXLUSIVE 2018 update on Donald Gould >> 

Meet Donald Gould, the homeless piano player who go a record deal.

Donald, 54, is an ex-Marine. His wife passed away in 1998, and soon after, his son was taken from him after he fell into drug addiction.

It seemed like there was little hope of turning his life around.

The city of Sarasota, Florida, placed 7 pianos around the area so that anyone could play…

What happened to him next, you need to see for yourself.

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    • I updated it to say he is an ex-Marine, and before you get up in arms about the title, I know other marines that call themselves ex-Marines, and in their own words, “don’t give two sh*ts about titles”. I’m going to stick with them if you don’t mind. I have NO desire to get into a title war. Thanks for the correction.

  1. Say and write what you want. Hear what you want. The man is a MARINE. Don’t be so arrogant by stating what others say. The history of our Corps says it all. The man is a Marine. And I’ll put money on it…more people will agree that he is a Marine!

    • The man WAS a marine. He is no longer. I’m going by what he says. By the way.. you want me to not state what others say, but state what you say? You are, in fact, other people. Just saying.

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