Donald Gould (Former Homeless Piano Man) Update + Walk on the Water

Donald Gould - Former Homeless Piano Man (Update 2018)

–Updated October 29th, 2018. Earlier this year, we featured an amazing, triumphant story about Donald Gould, a.k.a. The Homeless Piano Man, who went viral back in 2015. Since that time, we’ve kept track of his comings and goings. From his street life to his recordings, up to the song he was producing for his girlfriend just 8 months ago. But since December of 2017, his Facebook page and website have been quiet, leading several people to seek updates, and others to make speculations. I decided to check in to the matter myself and reached out to Donald Gould’s people personally. It took a few days to get any kind of response, but here it is:

Donald Gould Update (September 1st 2018)

Officially, I was told that Donald is under contract with broadcast networks and isn’t allowed to share any information, however that same source confirmed he is working on a new project, and information about it will be released in due time. So, officially, the word is to wait while he’s working on a new project. One more thing… While I’m not one for rumors, while digging I found something interesting. I found a newly registered domain name, linked from one of the official sources. I know it’s newly registered because I check that too. According to’s Domain Age Tool, it’s brand spanking new. Not even a month old yet.
Based on the conversations I’ve had with sources, I’d say Donald, the former homeless piano man, is cooking up something big, and we’re all in for a treat. PS: If you haven’t done so, Donald’s album Walk on Water is still available for purchase. I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and grab a personal copy.

Donald Gould’s Walk on Water Album

Update: Looking for more music from Donald Gould? See and download his entire collection right here.

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